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After the War of Heaven, angels and demons fell to Earth. Here is where many of their stories began and how ours were effected by their descent.

The Myths

From powerful deities, mythical creatures, and magical lands. The many myths within the Eliteverse has inspired many characters in history.

Here they Stand

The Celestial Guardians are powerful angels whom were guardians of Heaven during the great fight against Lucifer and his army of fallen angels. When a prophecy stated that the demon lord would rise, these guardians were sent to Earth to defend it.

Joining the Fight

The Elite Force was assembled to recruit the world's most skilled individuals to stop the bad guys. Along the way these fierce members also help teach and train other individuals with special abilities.

They Are Here

People have been saying that aliens exist as long as there have been sightings of unexplained things on Earth. What many of them didn't know is how right they are. 


Hundreds of places have been discovered within the Eliteverse that has great significant on one story or another.


The monsters within the Eliteverse are spectacular beasts known as Spell Creatures. Each has a type, ability, skill, and live within the lands of Aurelia.

For the Kids

Hundreds of kid stories, characters, places, and even a pararell world exists just for kids and young teens.


What is a story? For the eliteverse, a story tells more than just a history, a future, or study of a specific character, place, or thing. But it is the defining of character that makes everything within the Eliteverse specific.

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